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Episode number 9 from season 6.

2022-10-20 - Just Magical

Season 6 - Episode 9 - 10-20-2022
New York City. 4:47 am, time to wake up. Instant coffee, morning run. Today is a travel day. Shower, uber ride to Newark airport. He took a Nalgene bottle of water. Bad idea in an airport. He empties it outside and keep it for the rest of the trip. Fun trip but he is sad to leave New York. more than one hour to go through the TSA, everybody was rude with the agents. It's a tough job. American Airline flight. Dallas, Hertz car rental. He is late but has a fast car. This trip is about what you have to do when you have a 10 million subscribers channel! He is here to meet the Gopro pro surfers team. Why Texas for surfing? There is a water park. Highway, animals around the streets. He arrives at night. Next morning 6am they start to surf. One guy surfs with an Halloween mask. After the pros, it's time for Casey. He tries to go inside a water tunnel lots of times but struggles. The other rides have a lot of fun. Casey enjoyed the company. He plays with his fast car on the gravel to join the breakfast. Weird 360 view of his face.

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