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Episode number 8 from season 6.


Season 6 - Episode 8 - 10-18-2022
1,400 miles of bikelanes in NYC 2022. 20,000 accidents. The biggest cause of accidents is cars. Casey explains that while riding a bike... and crashing into a van parked on the bikelane. He explains that the city counsil is offering cash to people spotting cars violating bike lanes. They will earn 25% of the $175 parking violation ticket. Casey interviews a messenger in the street. He explains how it will work: you take a picture of the violation, you submit it and then the owner of the car will be fined. In return you get the 25 percent back. Casey shows lot of these violations. On a police car Casey writes that during the last 3 hours they found 8 of such violations. that makes a $375 bounty. If you do that every day 8 hours a week that means $72,000 a year! It happened in 2019 with a similar law targeted to idling cars. One guy made $125k in a year. Casey interviews other people in the street to know if they would report those cars. It depends. Casey doesn't want to do it... unless it is a police car! Indeed there is a police car blocking a bike lane. He calls to report it.

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