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Casey Neistat The Problem with New York City..: season 6 episode 7 youtube vlog

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Episode number 7 from season 6.

2022-10-11 - The Problem with New York City..

Season 6 - Episode 7 - 10-11-2022
Casey is in the streets of NYC, he explains that there are many efficient ways to go around the city. Walking, but it's slow. Running but a bit strange when not in running clothes, boosted board: not for everybody, citibike: cheap, everywhere, also the subway: it's the best. Taxis are fantastic. Bus. If you have kids, it is less practical. He can't use his boosted board with 2 kids! No baby seat in the taxi, subway: stairs with the stroller! So they drive them. Casey has a solution. Sponsored segment where he explains that his Insta 360 camera on a stick is like a mini legal drone he can use in NYC. The solution for his transportation problem comes in 2 boxes. Ee assembles an e-bike with a long pannier rack made for 2 kids. Helmet with a Neistat sisters stickers. He tries the bike, the girls and Casey love it.

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