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Casey Neistat SOMEONE STOLE MY CAR AND I STOLE IT BACK: season 6 episode 5 youtube vlog

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Episode number 5 from season 6.


Season 6 - Episode 5 - 09-29-2022
Casey asks Marlin in the street where his car is. Somebody stole it. In his studio he explains that he left the car running, asking for someone to watch for it and when he came back the car was gone. 4 hours earlier he was going to Brooklyn by boosted board. He goes to mischief MSCHF magazine studio. Art magazine. Later in a car, the guys from mischief explains that this PT Cruiser is special. They made a bunch of keys for this car. They sell the keys, and everyone who have a key can know where the car is. For $20 anybody can buy a key. They kinda rebuilt the Zippcar company with only one vehicle. Casey asks what if someones crashes it. They'll figure out if and when it happens. The registration information are in the glove-box. Casey takes a key and the car. He drives back to his studio. Casey explains that he got the car for only $20, Marlin offers him $50. OK. A guy in the street is interested, Casey explains him the concept.The guy wants to take the car, Casey is ok but says he need a minute before. All his stuff is in the car. He left the car running even if he had the key with him. He wanted to spray paint the car so he went to his studio, then came back and the car is gone. He takes his boosted board and try fo locate the car. His phone is in the car so he can't easily reach the company. His boosted board battery died but he finds a guy on a NYC bicycle to give him a tow. Back at the studio he needs to rethink the problem. He calls the mischief team, then take his own car to try to find the car. He picks the team and they track the car. They find it. Casey runs at the guy who took it and screams that he said to wait. The situation is awkward, the guy seems cool, but he has Casey's cellphone in the hand when Casey finds him. No hard feeling. They come back to the studio, he picks his spray paint can again and climbs on the roof of the PT Cruiser to paint a green arrow, just like on his boosted board. He takes selfies with people in the street and gave them the car.

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