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Casey Neistat Sisyphus and the Impossible Dream: season 6 episode 41 youtube vlog

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Episode number 41 from season 6.

2024-02-21 - Sisyphus and the Impossible Dream

Season 6 - Episode 41 - 02-21-2024
Casey has waited 17 years before making this video. Imagine, you are broke, it is embarrassing, but you dream and want to be a millionaire one day. Is it an impossible dream? Asking Candice to go out, not easy. One day he will marry her. Still impossible dream? Motorbike accident. Leg snapped, rebuilt with metal. The doctors were confident he would recover, but it was clear that he would never been able to run again. In that moment he thought: I will heal, and then run a marathon in less than 3 hours. Still impossible dream. 6:50/mile or 4:15/km. That's impossible. One year later he tried. It took him more 4 hours and 12 minutes. It was the first time he'd run 26.2 miles in his life. The world average time is 4 hours and 29 minutes. To reach his goal he had to change it's training. He'd run every day. 2009: 3:38. Third marathon 3:09. Still a fail. Fourth time, in California. 3:18. Another failure. 5th: 3:16. Stuck. 6th: 3:19, another one? 3:02. Close. Try/fail and repeat. #10. Still a fail. In Greek mythology there is a story about a guy name Sisyphus, cursed to roll a boulder to the top of a mountain. And as soon as the boulder is about to reach the top, it will roll all over back to the start and Sisyphus has to try again and again, over and over for eternity. #16. Still a fail. Then he married Candice, had a kid, another kid, moved 2 times, and you are now 40. And still not done it! The most important things: family, work and impossible goals. Marathon 15. 3:49. Still a fail. Her nana had an impossible dream: dancing until she died. She made it happen. When he set his goal he was 26, young. He is now over 40 and has two options: be reasonable and let this dream go away which means carrying the weight of an unrealized goal until the day he'll die... or continue. August this 2023 year. Day one of his NYC marathon training. He now has an Olympic coach. No shortcut this time. #24 marathon.He was stronger than ever. He was on pace most of the time. Why does he care? Why is is so important to him? He doesn't have anything to prove to the doctors, he already has proven them wrong by running to dozen marathons! At age 42 he ran his fastest marathon ever: 3:01. Good day but still a fail in the goal, but what is important is the journey. Life is a battle and he doesn't have to break this arbitrary goal. Nope! F*ck that. Holualoa Tucson marathon. 5 weeks since he failed, he is doing it again. You don't just give up, it is hard, you are not here because it is easy. No one cares but you. Keep running, you'll die trying if needed. 2:57! He did it, he can roll the boulder on the other side of the mountain!

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