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Casey Neistat the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro: season 6 episode 40 youtube vlog

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Episode number 40 from season 6.

2024-02-03 - the thing no one will say about Apple Vision Pro

Season 6 - Episode 40 - 02-03-2024
Casey on his boosted board and the Apple Vision Pro in the streets of New York. Video call to show Casey's persona. This is not a proper review, if we want one Casey's advice is to watch mkbhd's video. He walks in the streets and talks to people about it. Subway. He watches Mr Beast's youtube videos while waiting for his train. While taking the train the sensors can't keep up to properly track his movements. Maybe it will work better in an airplane. While exiting the subway he receives a message. He tries to reply with the keyboard while being in the middle of the stairs. Fans happy to see him in real life. Casey likes the idea of having his whole digital life, like a real computer mixed into reality. It gives a glimpse of what computer could be in the future. He sits on a bench, having a virtual keyboard, 2 screens and still being able to know what is happening around him. This is wild. It's hard to understand that the other people don't see what you are seing. He enters a donut shop. A butterfly comes on his donut. Then a dinosaure. People are staring at him. Back in his studio he explains that the concept of the video was to walk around NYC while wearing the Apple Vision Pro. Something unexpected happened: he left them on the entire day. After a couple of hours his brain adapted. It felt quite natural, in the middle of Time Square. For Casey it is not the future of AR or VR but the future of computers. Not yet, not this $4,000 unit, but it is coming. Instead buy Apple stocks! "It is without a doubt a new product category that they will see through".

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