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Episode number 39 from season 6.

2024-01-31 - Life Lessons from my 46 Year Old Wife

Season 6 - Episode 39 - 01-31-2024
Candice is 46 even if she doesn't wan to say it. Casey and Candice try to get away once a year. Marriage is hard. Vacation time. Difference between 26 and 46 besides her boobs. She doesn't care as much as before. At 26 she was worried about life plans, work, kids. Now it is quite done so she doesn't have to care about it anymore. At 20 she had anxiety about what her life will look like. Cuts with footage of the place they are going for vacation. They are looking for a restaurant, she speaks Spanish with the driver of their cab to find a restaurant. They find a totally empty restaurant. Her problems now are more on the side of time is running out. How many more years does she have with her kids, before Francine won't talk to her anymore. Rain pouring outside. There is a pool in the restaurant, but it is empty, they are out of season. When you are your you are naive, it's almost ignorance. Now she finds that no she won't change the world. Vacation were adventures, something to add to a list. Now, they are in Dominican Republic for 2 days, and it is time to enjoy the calmness of the place, to talk... On the trip back they take candies for the kids. Now she is looking for her kids, their nest. She wants to be able to be old and say We did it. Before she was adding things to her book, now it is more looking back being able to says "look what we did!" Anticipation vs Reflection. They had 3 days together at the beach. It rained the whole time. Candice and Casey know each other for 17 years. Betterhelp sponsor ad.

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