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Casey Neistat My New Career as a Male Model and Professional Skateboarder : season 6 episode 38 youtube vlog

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Episode number 38 from season 6.

2023-11-04 - My New Career as a Male Model and Professional Skateboarder

Season 6 - Episode 38 - 11-04-2023
Outside his studio 3 fans shouting at Casey's window. In today's video Casey explains how after 7 years, he may be the only professional boosted board rider. He has to go to Vancouver before. 360 camera plane trip. Car ride to an hotel. First time for him in Vancouver. Concert outside. He is here for a day, he asks strangers what he should do. English bay, beach. Sunset. Nude beach too. Night, he has a big day. He is here for work, very exciting. He has a work permit to be allowed to work here. On the permit it says 'occupation: model'. He is a male model:) A year ago he wanted a black shirt to run the marathon but he didn't have one. He went to Lululemon and found a black shirt. Perfect shirt. Later Lululemon contacted him asking to keep in touch. 10 months later Lululemon asked him if he knews ABC pants. Of course, they are his favorite pants because they are both handsome and confortable as sweatpants. Lululemon asked him if he wanted to ride his boosteed board in ABC pants for a commercial. Car ride to the set. Fancy trailer. Styling room to try the pants. Lots of other stuff from the brand: underwear, socks, shirt, jacket. He is not allowed to film during the shoot... but Casey is Casey. Views during the shoot. Lots of fun. Everybody involved. A couple of weeks later, the commercial is done. He shows it. Nationally broadcast TV commercial, lots of famous people in it: stars from hockey, NFL... His favorite part, when the ad displays Casey riding his boosted board, it is written 'professional athlete' at the bottom of the frame.

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