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Episode number 36 from season 6.

2023-10-11 - Jew

Season 6 - Episode 36 - 10-11-2023
Photograph of Casey in Jerusalem in 2005. kind of field trip. Casey is not religious at all but he is Jewish. When he was a kid he went to synagogue on holidays so he can skip school. He remembers Schindler's list. The graphic representation of the Holocaust. He kept asking why people didn't stop telling they were Jewish to avoid being shot. He didn't understood at that time that being Jewish is your ethnicity more than a religion. Now as he is older, he is less naïve, but he still doesn't understand how people could hate other people just because who they are. It doesn't make any sense. He knows that the reality is much more complicated, but what is simple is the fact that members Hamas murdered as many Jews as possible last Saturday. War is complicated but killing innocent people, in the back as they are running away in a music festival, or babies for example is not war. There is no way to justify that kind of barbarism. He is not a a geopolitical expert but to call out anti-Semitism when he sees it. It's ok to want peace for Palestinians, it's ok to criticize Israel's government, but it is not ok to rape young women or kill babies just because they are Jews. Hamas charter is not about helping the people of Palestine, it's about killing Jews. There are just heinous acts. There is no way someone can find that just or necessary. Footage from Sidney 2 days ago chanting heinous things about Jews. What is even worse is non-Jews, staying silent about that. Too afraid to speak out against that hatred. Casey doesn't like to have to make these kind of videos.

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