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Casey Neistat NYC is Under Water: season 6 episode 35 youtube vlog

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Episode number 35 from season 6.

2023-09-30 - NYC is Under Water

Season 6 - Episode 35 - 09-30-2023
Emergency Alert on Casey's phone. Flash flood. Footage from other media. Case with a high visibility jacket in the water up to the knees explains that it's been raining for 7 days in NYC. In fact he is just on his knees in one inch of water. They remove the covers of the holes where there are hot water lines under to prevent the rain to boil and then make the covers pop by themselves. At least that's what Casey is thinking. Rain and steam. Casey bikes. The subways is vulnerable. Lots of leaks. State of emergency. Park Slope Brooklyn. A few hours ago a street was totally flooded. A guy explains that he had to leave his car with his 2 year old daughter. Pictures of the water. The water lifted some cars. A storage spot under the level of the street has lots of damages. The whole FDR is down. No cars allowed. No bikes either, Casey tried. Williamsburg bridge. It was pretty bad earlier but now everything is cleared up. Lots of workers on the streets to repair and clear the ways as fast as possible. 6:45pm. The flash flood warning ended. The media make it look like the whole Manhattan island was underwater, but it is nothing like it was with hurricane Sandy in 2012. Then half the island lost power for like a week. Today was more isolated incidents, and they were very well addressed by the city.

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