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Episode number 34 from season 6.

2023-09-28 - Everything Changed except this

Season 6 - Episode 34 - 09-28-2023
Casey takes a car to Laguardia airport. There are some friends, you don't see them for a very long time, then when you see them again it's like you never stopped seeing them. Laguardia has improved, it is now a very nice airport. Casey flies to Denver Colorado. He loves driving through this state. Stop at Starbucks. It goes from flat to mountain. HE goes to Aspen. He crashes a POV drone in the river. Graham is here for a wedding. Clint is their friend who is marrying. Footage from 2008. They were hiking to Mount Kilimanjaro. Van/Casey/Graham and Clint. They remember the meat the guides bought, stored many days without refrigeration before they ate it. Footage from Clint climbing in a tree in Tanzania. Back today, jump in the river 2 hours before the wedding. Later Casey is ironing his shirt. You only need to iron the parts of the shirts that are going to be visible. It's been 15 years since the Kilimanjaro. The bond they have is stronger than ever. Picture on the top of the Kilimanjaro. Wedding time. Kate+Clint.

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