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Episode number 18 from season 3.

2017-04-18 - time to talk marriage

Season 3 - Episode 18 - 04-18-2017
Episode 16 labeled episode 18. Back in New York. Boosted board ride to a clothing shop. He is not a vey fashion guy but his favorite summer pants are destroy and he needs a new pair. He show the holes. He exchanges the old ones with the new and that's it. Fan in a car. At Beme he asks Jack about his new pants, Jack says "parachutes". Casey finds Jack's new haircut more mature. Then he goes in the basement, asks for the lighting grid which is totally unfinished but the process is going well. Jake hasn't seen it yet. Back in the studio Casey explains that he hasn't told much about what is going on with the Beme team, their plans, Jake... he needs to make a separate video just to talk about that but he does not want to talk too much about it in the vlog because... 7 millions subscribers. He opens boxes. Oscar is making something by its own. Casey goes to visit him. He wants the audience to transfer all congratulations to Oscar for his recent achievement. Oscar makes features films. His last movie, he is the producer, went to the Cannes film Festival. The movie is called Good Time. Mirror in the street garbage. On his Boosted board Casey explains that Candice's new company called Billy is making a party in the coming days. Casey is going to Candice's office to prepare the event. In the street he meet a guy on an electric sccoter/bike (a scooter with a seat). They compare the acceleration and speed. The guy explains that he asked the company to Casey one. Casey does not need more tiny motorized devices. Casey arrives at Candice's office, he shows the Resource magazine where Candice is on the cover page. He helps the Billy team by asking the rights questions: what is the objective of the event. At the party there will be a person that will permanently attach (weld) a gold chain to people who wants to. His friend Jeremy, the tattoo artist will also be there tattooing Candice's drawings on people arms or hands for free. He asks the audience what they should also do. Candice suggest baby goats, a petting zoo. Casey suggests a hot dog vendor. He is glad he was able to help his wife, that's what mariage is. Candice burps loudly. First time they cook in their apartment (June cooks fresh salmon).

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